X-Line TPU Case for HTC One

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The X-Line TPU Case for HTC One, offers the best value for money you can get from a case for the HTC One. It offers good drop and scratch protection for the HTC One on all sides, it look good and it’s available for around $2 on Amazon and on eBay.

The X-Line TPU Case for HTC One is made entirely from TPU, a flexible material that’s has great shock absorbing abilities, while being tough enough to sit firmly on the HTC One. It has a generous raised lip around the screen, that will protect your HTC One in case you drop it on its screen, or if you place the HTC One facing down on a flat surface. It also protects the camera, ports and buttons from drops.

The X-Line TPU Case for HTC One is designed really well, even though it cost only around $2. It fits the HTC One like a glove and it doesn’t feel loose around the edges like many silicone or rubber cases do. The cutouts for the camera, ports and power button are perfect. the feedback you get from the volume buttons is also perfect. This case comes in many different colors and it has a beautiful glossy “X” shape on its back, while the case itself has a rugged texture, for maximum grip.

The X-Line TPU Case for HTC One is not only one of the best TPU cases you can find for the HTC One, but it’s also one of the cheapest. Its Build quality is flawless and it offers a great deal of drop protection for the HTC One.

Where to get it?
$2.80 on eBay.
$6 on Amazon.

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