Trident Cyclops Case for iPhone 5/5s

The Trident Cyclops Case for iPhone 5/5s is a rugged dual layer case, with a built-in screen protector. It offers great drop protection for the iPhone 5/5s and yet remains relatively slim, compared to other hardcore cases for the iPhone 5/5s. It was designed really well and its built quality is amazing. Protection: The Trident Cyclops Case...+

Trident Aegis Case for LG G2

The Trident Aegis Case for LG G2 is very tough. It’s a dual layer case, which has an extremely rugged silicone core with a great shock absorbing ability. If you’re someone who’s involved in outdoor activities on a daily basis, or if you’re simply someone who tend to drop his/hers phone a lot – The Trident Aegis...+