Spigen Neo Hybrid for Galaxy s4.

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While Spigen wasn’t a very popular brand in the cases industry 2 years ago, it all changed after the great success of their amazing screen protectors.
They realized they have a winning card in their hand and decided to start making cases as well. Just like they did with their famous screen protectors, Spigen cases are among the best cases you can buy for your smartphone.
The same thing obviously goes for the galaxy s4 Neo Hybrid case (and for their Slim Armor case, which we’ll review later on).
While not as bulky and as drop protective as Otterbox commuter for example, it does add great protection to your Galaxy S4 device against scratches and drops, without sacrificing anything in terms of design and the slimness of your Galaxy S4.

If you take a look at the Neo Hybrid case, you can tell right away that Spigen have put a lot of thought into the design of this case (and for all of their cases for that matter).
The Case is made out of two layers. One is made out of tough silicone, which sits firmly on the device, but stays flexible enough to protect your phone in case you drop it on a tough surface.
The outer layer is actually a bumper, made from hard plastic. Now, although plastic does have a little bit of shock absorbing capabilities, the main purpose of the outer hard shell is to give your phone that stylish look, which without it would’ve been all black boring silicone, just like those cheap cases for $1 you can find on eBay or Amazon. The bumper comes in different colors, which is really great, as it you have the option to order your desirable color.

The lip factor:
This case would’ve been perfect, if it wasn’t for the almost non existing lip this case provides for the protection of your screen.  While most cases offer good protection to the phone from the back and from the sides, the lip is sometimes being overlooked and that means that although you may have a have a good drop protection from the back and sides, the screen is exposed and likely to get shattered even if your device falls onto a clean flat surface. The lip in the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S4, is minimal, so you might want to pay extra care when you place the device on it’s screen.

Definitely one of the best cases for the Galaxy S4.
While there are better cases in terms of drop protection (mainly because of the almost-non-existing raised lip), it does offer a two layer drop protection for your device from the sides, it offers a slim design and it just looks great in general.

Where to get it?
$19.92 on Spigen Official Amazon Store.
$20 on Spigen Official eBay Store.
$30 on Spigen Official Website.

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