Speck GemShell Case For HTC One M8

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A clear hard-shell case with a rubberized sides, designed for people who’d like to show the back of their HTC One M8, while keeping it safe from drops and scratches.

The Speck GemShell Case For HTC One M8 is a single layer hard shell case, with a soft bumper on its sides for drop protection. This bumper will provide very good drop protection for the sides and corners of the HTC One M8, however, because of the round back of the M8 – the back doesn’t get the protection from the bumper at all. Therefore, if you drop your device with this case on its back, the screen might get shattered. On the good side though, there is a very generous lip around the screen, so in case you drop your HTC One M8 on its screen on a flat surface – it will be protected. The same goes if you place your M8 facing down on a flat surface. The buttons are protected with rubberized covers and the camera is protected very well within the case.

The build quality of the Speck GemShell Case For HTC One M8 is superb. Like all other Speck cases, this case is made out of high quality durable materials and feels like it’s going to stay with you for a long time. The cutouts for the camera, speakers and ports are perfect. It’s relatively slim and light-weight. It definitely won’t add a lot of weight to your HTC One M8, which is heavy enough as it is. The feedback you get from the buttons is also great. Overall, the design of the Speck GemShell Case For HTC One M8 gets a perfect score.

The Speck GemShell Case For HTC One M8 is providing a decent amount of protection for the HTC One M8, in a premium and clear design. The only downside of this case is the fact that the back of the M8 is not being protected by the bumper, due to the round back of the One M8.

Where to get it?
$29.95 on Speck’s Official Website.
$34.95 on Amazon.

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