Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

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The Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is made out of a single hard plastic layer. It’s definitely not providing the best drop protection for the Galaxy S5, but it’s not aiming for that. Instead, this case is designed mainly for people who are looking for minimalism. Minimal protection in minimal design.

The Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is made out of Plastic, which means it’s not ideal for people who target “protection” as their main goal. It will provide some drop protection for your Galaxy S5, but without any soft cushion inside it, this protection is really only minimal. The only part that’s seriously protected against drops with this case, is the screen, thanks to the raised silicone lip around it. In case you drop your Galaxy S5 on the screen on a flat surface, the screen will stay intact.

The design of the Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is very good. Due to the fact it’s a single-layer case –  it’s very slim and it doesn’t weight much. The cutouts for the camera, ports and speaker are perfect, and so is the feedback you get from the buttons when pressing them. The only downside of the Poetic Atmosphere cases, is that sometimes the rubber around the screen gets separated from the plastic. If that happens – be sure to take advantage of the 2 year warranty you get from Poetic. This warranty is only available if you buy this case directly from Poetic, or from an official Poetic distributor.

The Poetic Atmosphere Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best minimal cases you’ll find for the Galaxy S5. Although it won’t protect your Galaxy S5 too much (due to the fact that it’s a single-layer plastic case), It’s transparant, slim and weights only a little. Ideal for people who don’t mind compromising on protection for style.

Where to get it?
$9.95 on Amazon.
$14.95 on Poetic Official Website.

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