OtterBox Defender Series for Kindle Fire HDX 7

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The OtterBox Defender Series for Kindle Fire HDX 7, is designed to keep your Kindle HDX 7 device safe though some serious abuse. With a rugged and a solid design, this case not only protects the Kindle Fire HDX 7 very well, but it also looks very good.

the OtterBox Defender Series for Kindle Fire HDX 7 is made out of four protecting layers. The inner layer is made out polycarbonate, with a soft cushion inside it. This layer will protect your Kindle fire HDX 7 very well from scratches, hits and will also protect it from drops, thanks to the soft rubberized cushion inside it. the middle layer is the screen protector. The screen protector is made out of a transparent hard plastic. This built in screen protector will save you a lot of money on screen protectors, because it is very tough and will stay with your kindle for a long time. The outer third layer, is made out of silicone and it is the main part of this case that’s responsible for drop protection. It’s a thick layer of silicone, so your Kindle Fire HDX 7 will be protected very well from drops. There is of course a fat raised lip around the screen, to make sure it stays safe when you drop your Kindle on it, or in case you place your Kindle facing down on a flat surface. The forth and final layer, is the screen cover, for when you’re not using your Kindle device. It can also used as a stand, It’s made out of plastic and it covers the screen entirely. Overall, the amount of protection this case provides is superb.

The OtterBox Defender Series for Kindle Fire HDX 7 is built for protection. this means it is not the slimmest case you’ll find for the Kindle HDX 7. It definitely adds some bulk and weight to it, but the build quality is amazing. The cutouts are perfect and so is the feedback you get from the buttons when you press them. This case is available in 4 different color combinations.

The OtterBox Defender Series for Kindle Fire HDX 7 is one of the est protective cases out the for the Kindle Fire HDX 7. While not being one of the slimmest and lightest cases, It provides tons of drop protection for the Kindle fire HDX 7 and its build quality is superb.

Where to get it?
$69.95 on OtterBox Official Amazon Store.
$69.95 on OtterBox Official Website.
Find it on eBay.

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