OtterBox Commuter Case For Samsung Galaxy S4

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Another great case from OtterBox. While being stylish and made out of high quality materials, the Commuter case for the Galaxy s4 will ensure your device stays protected against serious hits and drops.
While the OtterBox Commuter for the Galaxy s3 wasn’t the best case Otterbox has ever made, with its too hard to press buttons, the commuter for the Galaxy s4 is flawless.

You can say what you want about their designs, but OtterBox are masters in terms of protection. This dual layer case is made of a silicone layer which sits firmly on the Galaxy s4 and makes sure your device is protected from from all sides against hits and drops. The outer layer is made out of polycarbonate, which protects your device from hits and scratches. This case has a big lip which protects the screen of your Galaxy s4. Incase you place your Galaxy s4 facing sown on a flat surface, or if your drop ir by accident on its screen, this lip provides a decent amount of shock absorption and keeping your screen untouched by the surface it fell or placed on.
Although it makes the case a bit bulkier then other cses for the Galaxy s4, if your main concern is slimness, perhaps you’re looking at the wrong case. The Commuter serious is all about protection.

The Commuter case for the Galaxy s4 is not the best looking case for the Galaxy s4, but you do have a large variety of colors to choose from. You can control both the color of the inner layer and the outer layer, with 10 different colors to choose from for the outer layer, and 8 for the inner layer. Other than that, the case itself is very comfortable to hold and doesn’t feels slippery. There’s an “OtterBox” logo on the back and the cutouts are perfect.

The OtterBox Commuter case for the Galaxy s4 is not the best looking case for the Galaxy s4 and not the lightest as well. However, it’s built very well, it comes in many different colors and the protection it provides is top notch.

Where to get it?
$25.50 on OtterBox Official Amazon Store.
$27.95 on eBay.
$39.90 on OtterBox Official Website.


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