Official Samsung S-view Case for Galaxy S4

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The Official Samsung S-view case for the Galaxy S4, was designed by Samsung especially for the Galaxy S4. It’s a flip case, with a front cutout for the screen, allowing you to see basic information on your Galaxy S4 screen. It also uses the Galaxy S4 sensors, to unlock your device immediately when you open this case. This case is definitely a case to consider.

The amount of protection the S-view case is providing is minimal. This case is not only very slim, but it also doesn’t protects the Galaxy S4 on the sides, bottom and top. The screen is protected, but you definitely should consider using a screen protector, since the cutout for the information window is pretty big. The back of the Galaxy S4 is not protected at all. This case will replace your original back cover of your Galaxy S4, and thus won’t provide a layer of protection to the back. This case is definitely designed for people who prefer style over protection.

This case was designed by Samsung, which means the build quality is obviously superb. This case fits the Galaxy S4 like a glove. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible and the sensors are working flawlessly with this case. You won’t encounter any problems with unlocking your device with this case. This case is available in 10 different colors.

The¬†Official Samsung S-view case for the Galaxy S4 is looking amazing. Unlocking an locking your device using this case is very cool and the general build quality of this case is superb. In terms of protection however, this case is providing only minimal protection to the Galaxy S4, so we wouldn’t recommend dropping your Galaxy S4 with this case on. Your Galaxy S4 will be fully exposed on the back, sides, bottom and top. Only the screen is getting some protection, but it’s too slim to protect it seriously from drops.

Where to get it?
$22 on eBay.
$28 on Samsung Official Amazon Store.
$50 on Samsung Official website.

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