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The Incipio DualPro for the LG G2, is one of the best cases out there for the LG G2. It’s a dual layer case that offers a great deal of protection, while remaining both slim and stylish.
Incipio is definitely one of our favorite brands, here at Casefrenzy. In general, we love cases which offer both style and protection, and the DualPro cases by Incipio are among the best in that criteria.

The Incipio dualPro case for the LG G2 is a dual layer case, made out of two layers which togehter offer some serious drop protection for your LG G2. The inner layer is made out of silicone and designed to protect your phone from drops. Silicone offers top notch protection against hits and drops, thanks to its high flexibility. The Incipio DualPro silicone layer is designed perfectly for the LG G2. It sits well on the G2 and you can tell Incipio have put a lot of thought into it. Since the outer shell is not covering the bottom and the upper parts of the G2, the silicone in those areas is considerably thicker for extra protection in case you drop your device on those parts. The outer shell is made out of a hard plastic (or “rigid Plextonium™, according to Incipio), which sits very well on the silicone layer and holding it firmly in place. The outer shell feels really good when you hold the device and it’s definitely not a cheap regular plastic. It’s really soft to touch, and yet hard enough to provide serious protection to your LG G2 against hits and bumps. There is s decent raised lip which will protect your screen in case you place your G2 facing down, or if you drop your G2 on its screen on a flat surface. Another thing Incipio did really well, is the cutout for the camera and buttons. In case you place your device on its back on a flat surface, the camera and buttons won’t touch the surface you lay it on. They are positioned deep enough within the two layers of your Incipio Dualpro, that they will remain in tact even after a serious drop. One thing is for sure – In terms of protection, you can count on the Dualpro to make sure your device stays safe for a long time.

The overall design of the DualPro is very good. You can’t get much better than this in a dual layer case. The matterials are looking good and fit one another really well. The cutout are  perfect for the camera and the buttons and there is a nice “Incipio” logo on the back. One thing Incipio could have done better – is to offer more color combinations. There are only four colors to choose from: Black, White, Cyan and Pink. Adding green or blue choices would have been nice, as well as offering additional colors for the inner layer, which currently comes in grey for the white, cyan and pink cases and in black for the black case.

The Incipio Dualpro for the LG G2 is one of the best cases out there for the LG G2. It offers top notch protection and it looks really good.

Where to get it?
$19.15 on Incipio Official Amazon Store.
$30 on Incipio Official Store.

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