Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

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The Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is a stylish dual layer case, designed to keep your Samsung Galaxy S5 classy, while providing it with a great deal of protection from scratches, hits and drops.

The Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is made out of two protective layers. The inner layer is made out of shock absorbing silicone, which will protect your Galaxy S5 very well from drops. It covers the Galaxy S5 from all sides, leaving nothing exposed. The camera, buttons and ports are protected very well. The outer shell is made out of Plextonium – a special mixture of materials, which Incipio has registered as a patent. This outer hard shell is very tough but quite flexible, which means you’ll get additional drop protection from this layer. Plextonium is also very light, which makes this case one of the lightest dual layer cases out there (this goes for all Incipio DualPro series cases) for the S5. This case has a very decent raised lip around the screen, to make sure it stays safe in case you drop your Galaxy S5 on the screen, or in case you place your Galaxy S5 facing down on a flat surface. Overall, you’ll get top notch protection from this slim and light-weight case.

The Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 build quality is great. Thanks to the outer Plextonium layer, this case is very light. It’s also quite slim and very easy to put in or out of your pocket. The cutouts for the speaker, camera and ports are perfect. It’s available in 6 different color combinations, but be aware of the white version which tends to attract stains very easily (these stains are also very hard to get off).

The Incipio DualPro Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely one of the best cases out there for the Galaxy S5. It offers top notch protection, in a slim and light-weight classy design. One thing you should take into consideration though, is the white version of the plextonium shell, which tends to attract stains that won’t come off easily.

Where to get it?
$17.50 on Amazon.
$24 on eBay.
$30 on Incipio’s Official Website.

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