Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.)

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The Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.) is the toughest case you’ll find for the iPod touch 5. Designed to meet US and UK Departments of defence standards, the Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.) is the perfect case to put on your iPod for extreme conditions.

The Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.) is simply the toughest and strongest case there is for the i/Pod Touch. It was designed to protect the iPod Touch from serious drops, hits, scratches, blown rain and dust. With its multiple layer design, this case will get the job done. The outer layer is made out of shock absorbing silicone and it is the main part of the case that’s responsible for drop protection. This layer is covering the whole iPod, with the ports and buttons being covered as well. This layer generates a big raised lip around the screen for protection, in case you drop your iPod Touch on the screen, or in case you just lay it facing down on a flat surface. The inner layer is made out of polycarbonate and will also provide some additional shock absorption (with a special soft cushion inside it), but its main purpose is to protect the iPod from scratches, hits, dust and blown rain (the Survivor Series cases are not waterproof). On top of the inner shell comes the built-in screen protector, which is made out of clear plastic. This screen protector will protect the screen of your iPod touch very well and you won’t need an external screen protector. The amount of protection this case is offering is astonishing and is definitely one of the most protective cases we’ve seen.

The Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.) was designed superbly. The build quality of this case is perfect with the Griffin designers paying attention to the smallest details. The cutouts for the camera, speakers and ports are perfect. The buttons respond well when you press them, and the silicone plugs that are covering the buttons are being opened and closed with ease. There is an attachable belt clip that comes along with this case, that snaps on the back of the iPod for easy carrying. This case is not only super protective, but also highly practical with a superb build quality. On top of all, this case comes in the largest variety of colors we’ve seen, with over 20 variation to choose from. A real treat.

The Griffin Survivor Case for iPod Touch (5th Gen.) is the toughest case out there for the iPod Touch . It protects the iPod from serious drops, scratches, hits dust and blown rain. Its build quality is superb and it’s available in more than 20 different color variations.

Where to get it?
$20 on eBay.
$20 on Amazon.
$40 on Griffin’s Official Website.

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