Diztronic TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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The Diztronic TPU Case for Samsung Galxy Note 3 is the best TPU case available for the Galaxy Note 3. Altough you can find many cheap TPU cases on eBay and on Amazon, not many of them put a lot of thought in build quality and design as much as Diztronic. Although this is a single layer TPU case, its built quality is flawless and it offers both great drop protection for the Note 3 and solid looks. This is truly the only premium TPU case available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Diztronic TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is made out of a single layer of TPU. It cover the Note 3 on all sides except for the screen, however, there is a generous raised lip around the screen, to make sure it stays safe in case you place your Note 3 facing down on a flat surface, or in case you drop your Note 3 on the screen. The camera is also protected with a raised lip, which is also very important, since no one wants a scratched or shattered camera. The buttons are also covered fr protection, but feel really good and easy to press. This case is made entirely from TPU, with a thick enough layer of it, to make sure your Note 3 survives hits and drops. Overall this case offers a great deal of protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Diztronic TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a solid design. It’s very minimalistic, which is very good since the Galaxy Note 3 is quite heavy, and we don’t want to add unnecessary weight to it. The cutouts for the camera and speaker are perfect. The buttons are easy to press, but not too easy, which is a good thing. The case itself is a bit heavier than some of the cheap generic TPU cases out there, but more TPU means more drop protection, so nothing wrong with that either. There’e a “Diztronic” logo on the back of the case and it comes in two available designs – clear or black.

The Best TPU case out there for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It provides good drop protection to the Galaxy Note 3 on the back, sides and screen in a slim and solid design. The only downside is that it comes only in black or clear versions.

Where to get it?
$9.99 on Diztronic Official Website.
$9.99 on Diztronic Official Amazon Store.

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