Diztronic TPU Case For HTC One

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Diztronic tpu cases are probably the best tpu cases out there by far. They are made out of a durable tpu material, they always offer a generous lip which protects your screen ,and it fits its device like a glove.

Although the Diztronic tpu cases offer only one layer of protection, their cases are made out of a thick quality tpu layer which will actually protect your device really well. Your phone will be protected against scratches and even serious drops. It’s not as slim as many other tpu cases out there, a fact which may be seen as a downside with this case, but the upside is the great protection this thickness provides, and in any way – this case is slimmer and weights less then any dual layer case. As always, Diztronic designed this case with an exellent thick lip, which will definitely protect your screen against any drop on a flat surface. On a surface that’s not flat it doesn’t matter which case you put on your phone, if it’s screen falls hard on a tiny rock – it will be shattered. So you have to careful always when you’re outdoors, even with dual layer cases on.

Unlike the Diztronic for the Nexus 4 for example, the Diztronic tpu case for the HTC One smartphone is actually looking great. Mainly because the HTC One is so beautiful, that it will look great pretty much with any case, but Diztronic made this case with a really beautiful elliptic cutout for the camera on the back, which not only protects your camera, but also adds a lot to the looks of your case. Besides the beautiful cutout for the rear camera, you can see the glossy “Diztronic” logo on the back and it also adds to the cool and minimalistic design of this case. The case is mostly matte except for the lip and the logo, which are glossy. Matte means your phone will not attract any fingerprints, but also means it’s a bit slippery when laid on a table or even when you’re holding it in your hand. It’s very smooth and not as grippy as other tpu cases, but its very hard to see it a downside as the general build quality of Diztronic cases is phenomenal.

Where to get it?
$10 – on Diztronic Official Amazon Store.
$10 – on eBay.
$12.50 on Diztronic Official Web Store.

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