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The Case-Mate Tough case for the HTC One, will protect your phone very well without compromising on slimness and design. It’s not the toughest case out there or the most stylish one. It offers a perfect balance between protection,  practicality and looks.

The Case-Mate Tough for the HTC One, is made out of two layers. the inner layer is made out of silicone, which act as the main defender of your HTC One against drops. It covers the buttons and it’s extra raised around the camera, to make sure your camera stays extra safe. The inner silicone layer cover the whole device and it will give good shock absorbing abilities to it. The outer shell is made out of Polycarbonate, which is a flexible shock absorbing hard material. Its main purpose is to protect your HTC One against hits and scratches, but it does have some shock absorbing qualities as well. This case provides a decent raised lip to protect your screen, in case you drop your device on it, or if you place your HTC One facing down on a flat surface. The lip is not as big as with the OtterBox Commuter case, but the OtterBox Commuter series is a bit more “protection” oriented than the Case-Mate Tough series.

The HTC One is one of the most beautiful smartphone out there, so it’s very difficult for case designers design a case which will protect the HTC One while maintaining its astounding look. We think that Case-Mate did a wise decision by creating a case which offers a little of both worlds. It does protect your phone very well and it is much slimmer than many other dual layer cases for the HTC One. The cutouts for the camera and speaker are perfect and the case itself fits the device perfectly. One major downfall of this case is the fact it comes only in 2 available colors: Black and Violet Purple/Pink. The black version looks kinda boring,  but the Violet Purple and Pink combination looks amazing. The case itself has a grippy texture on it, which make the case very comfortable to hold and it makes sure you won’t drop your phone easily when you hold it.

The Case-Mate tough for the HTC One offers perfect balance between protection and looks. It’s tough enough to protect your phone from drops and it maintains the slim design of the HTC One. The only major downfall of this case is the fact that it comes only in Black or Violet Purple/Pink colors. If like those colors, then the Case-Mate Tough is definitely a case to consider for prtotecting your HTC One.

Where to get it?
$17.99 on Case-Mate Official Amazon Store.
$28.30 on eBay.
$30 on Case-Mate Official Website.

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