Case-Mate Naked Tough Case for LG Nexus 5

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The Case-Mate Naked Tough Case for LG Nexus 5 is a stylish dual layer case, which provides a good dual layer protection for the nexus 5 in transparent design. This is the toughest clear case you can find for the Nexus 5.

The Case-Mate Naked Tough for LG Nexus 5 is made out of two minimalistic transparent layers. The inner silicone layer, which supposed to protect the Nexus 5 from drops, is actually a bumper, and not a full covering silicone layer like we’ve gotten used two from other dual layer cases. This design is actually working really well for the Nexus 5, since its back is made out of Polycarbonate and not glass like the back of the Nexus 4. The bumper is making sure that the plastic shell is not touching the Nexus 5 itself, so if you drop your Nexus 5 on its back, the bumper will absorb the shock from the drop. The outer shell is also providing some additional drop protection but it is mainly protecting the Nexus 5 from hits and scratches. There is a raised lip around the screen, which is pretty generous and will provide good drop protection for your screen. If you look closely on how this case is designed, you’ll come to the same conclusion we came to: A full covering silicone layer would not have protected the Nexus 5 any better. Since a bumper is weighting much less than a full silicone layer, this case is brilliant.

Although this is not the coolest case out there for the Nexus 5, we simply adore it. It’s a transparent, dual layer slim case for the Nexus 5, with the inner silicone layer being a bumper. It weight mush lesser than a full covering dual layer case, while offering the same amount of protection. It also shows the back of the Nexus 5 pretty clearly. The cutouts for the camera and speaker are perfect, but the buttons feedback could have been a bit better. Sometime when you press the power button, you will get zero feedback from the Nexus 5. Overall, this case is light, it shows the back of the Nexus 5, it’s relatively slim and it looks premium. It could have gotten a perfect score, but due to weak feedback from the buttons, it doesn’t.

This case is brilliant in terms of drop protection, weight, slimness and looks. The only downside is the poor feedback from the power and volume buttons. It’s not the worst feedback, but it could have been better.

Where to get it?
$25.24 on Case-Mate Official Amazon Store.
$35 on Case-Mate Official eBay Store.
$35 on Case-Mate Official Website.

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