Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet Case For iPad Air

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The Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet Case for iPad Air is providing a great deal of drop protection for the iPad Air, in a tough premium design. It’s definitely one of the best protective cases you can find for the Apple tablet.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet Case for iPad Air is all about protection. It’s made out of 2 layers. The inner silicone layer will protect your iPad Air from serious drops, thanks to its thickness and the Ballistic famous reinforced corners. The outer shell is made out of  thick polycarbonate material, with a textured soft layer on it’s back for extra drop protection and grip. There is a very generous raised lip around the screen, that will keep the screen of your iPad Air intact even after a serious drop. You really won’t find a better dual layer case for the iPad Air when it comes to protection.

On top of the great deal of protection it provides, the Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet Case for iPad Air is looking great and its build quality is second to none. The cutouts for the camera, ports and speakers are great, and so is the feedback you get from the buttons when you press them. This case is definitely not the thinnest or lightest case around. It will add bulk to your iPad Air, but this is what you get if you want to protect your tablet seriously. The Tough Jacket Tablet Case has a dot-textured back for extra grip, that does its job really well. This case actually has another layer, with a kickstand on its back. It snaps on the back of the outer hard shell of the Tough Jacket and it makes movie watching a real treat, although other than watching videos, it has no other functionality.Overall, this case was designed perfectly well and it comes in 3 different colors combinations (see pictures below).

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Tablet Case for iPad Air is one of the best cases out there for the iPad Air. It offers top notch drop protection for the iPad Air, in a tough, premium design. It features the Ballistic famous reinforced corners and another removable layer with a kickstand, that makes this case not only highly protective, but highly practical as well.

Where to get it?
$40 on Amazon.
$40 on eBay.
$60 on Ballsitic’s Official Website.

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