Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx Case for Nexus 5

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This hardcore rugged case, is the toughest case out there for the Nexus 5. It’s heavy and it’s bulky, but with it, your Nexus 5 can endure a lot of pain. If you’re into hardcore outdoor activities such as extreme sports, trekking, hiking or climbing, then this case is a the perfect pick for your Nexus 5.

Ballistic are well known for their shock absorbent cases. With the ballistic famous rubber corners and their triple layer cases, they offer some of the most rugged and protective cases out there for smartphones and tablets.
The Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx for the Nexus 5, is a triple layer case. The inner layer is made out of rubber and it’s the main part of the case that provides shock absorbing capabilities to it. This rubber layer includes the Ballisitic famous reinforced corners, to make sure your Nexus 5 will survive nasty drops on its corners. The outer layer is made out of two materials. It’s actually a poly-carbonate layer with a tough outer silicone layer which provides both extra shock absorbing capabilities to the case, and grip. The third layer is a tough and clear screen protector, which will protect your Nexus 5 against scratches and minor hits and bumps. It sits very well on the screen and doesn’t affect the touch sensitivity of it. There is another layer, which you may call a forth layer, which snaps on the front of the Nexus 5 and act as both another protective layer and as a belt holster.
Needless to say, that this case has a very generous raised lip above the screen and corners of the Nexus 5, so your device should be well protected when you place it facing down on a flat surface or if you drop it on its screen. Although we haven’t tested it, but according to Ballisitc, this case will survive a 7 ft. fall. The only downside of this case in terms of protection, is that it’s not waterproof, so if you’re into rafting – this case is not for you.

Obviously, with such protective and shock absorbing features, this case is not the most stylish or elegant case out there for the Nexus 5. It’s bulky and it definitely adds weight to the Nexus 5. It’s not the easiest case to fit in your pocket as well. On the good side – it’s made out of high quality materials and that’s definitely visible, it has a Ballistic logo on the back and it comes in two colors, black and white.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx is the the toughest case out there for the Nexus 5, period. This case is not destined  to sit on a desk in an office, unless you have some seriously sloppy hands and tend to drop your smartphone a lot. It will be perfect though, for people who do a lot of outdoor activities and need their smartphone to be with  them the whole time. It’s Bulky, it’s heavy, but it’s the toughest case for the Nexus 5.

Where to get it?
$32.50 on eBay.
$49.99 on Ballistic Official Website.

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